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Thank you for supporting the North Thurston High School Football Team. Without parental support, our football program could not function. Thank you for all that you do! 

Please view the Parent Information below.

Go Rams!

- North Thurston Coaching Staff

A few updates for the football season which is quickly approaching. For the most up-to-date information, please check our team website which is updated regularly by the coaching staff: 

*Please complete item #6 on the list below to continue to receive our football emails in the future. We need to update our contact lists, and we do that by parents filling out that online registration. Also, please forward this email on to any other football families who may be interested in receiving football communications.

1.) Eligibility Packets, Summer Fee's
  • 2018 Football Eligibility Packets will be available on the NTHS Athletics website by Mid-April. You can print them HERE. All Eligibility packets should be completed and returned to the NTHS Athletics Office between May 1 - May 11. 
    • You can submit your packet after May 11 if necessary, but the coaching staff would like to get as close to an accurate count as possible on the number of athletes so we can order appropriate amounts of equipment.
  • $85 Summer Fee is required for your child to participate in the Summer Football activities offered at North Thurston HS. This includes our team camps, weight room sessions, practice jerseys, equipment, etc... You will submit your $85 fee when you turn in your football eligibility packet. This fee is separate from the $155 district required fee that you will be required to pay in August for your son to participate in Fall football.
    • If your family is in need of financial assistance, please contact Coach Garrow as soon as possible. There may be options available.
2.) Physical Exam Reminder
  • Physical Exams must last through December 2018. Please schedule a new physical exam with your doctors office as soon as possible. Your son cannot participate in football activities unless he has a valid physical exam, and that means it must not expire before December 2018. You must turn in your physical exam paperwork with your eligibility packet.
3.) Optional Fan Clothing Purchases
  • We have partnered with Budd Bay Clothing to offer football families the option of purchasing fan clothing for the 2018 season. This includes multiple t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and jackets in youth, mens, and women's sizes. You can find the optional clothing flyer contained inside the eligibility packet.
  • Please include a separate check for your clothing order when you submit your football eligibility packet and fee's to Mrs. Enlow in the ASB office.

5.) Athlete Text Group & Online Athlete Registration
  • Every player needs to join the 2018 Athlete Text Group by sending a text with the msg @nthsfb2018 to the number 81010
  • Every player needs to complete the 2018 Athlete Online Registration HERE
6.) Parent Text Group & Online Parent Registration
  • All Football parents should join the parent text group by sending a text with the msg @ntparent18 to the number 81010
  • All Football parents should complete the 2018 Parent Online Registration HERE
    • We ask our parents to fill out this information every year so we can update our contact information. This is the only way the coaching staff can contact our parents and send information/updates. Please complete this online registration and join the text group. It is vital for our communication ability.
7.) Purchase a Girdle, Cleats, Mouthguard
  • All athletes will need to purchase their own 5-pad Girdle, Football Cleats, and Mouthguard for the 2018 season. 
  • Please make sure that all CLEATS are ONLY in the colors Purple, White, or Black. Please do not purchase other colors.
    • Example 5-pad Girdles HERE
    • Example Cleats HERE  HERE
    • Recommended Mouthguard HERE
8.) Team Calendar
  • The Team Calendar is available on our website HERE. This is the best place to locate all information about football practices, camps, weight room sessions, etc. If you have not already bookmarked the calendar, please do so now and check back often for updates to the calendar.
9.) June Practices & Camp
  • June Practices will begin on Tuesday, June 5th. Practices will typically run from the time school ends, until 5:30pm. Practices are mandatory, unless a prior excused absence has been communicated to the coaching staff. If you are participating in another sport (baseball, etc) please remember that we can work with your schedule and make sure you can do both.
  • Incoming Freshman who are attending practices coming from Chinook MS, Salish MS, or Aspire MS are expected to arrive at the field as close to 4:15pm as possible, dressed and ready to participate. If you are coming from Salish or Aspire, you are responsible for providing your own transportation. If you arrive a little later than 4:15pm, we will understand. We just want you to arrive as close to that time as possible.
  • June Team Camp will be held on June 21-22-23 at Tumwater High School.
    • All athletes are responsible for providing their own transportation to/from camp. There is NO BUS provided.
    • For specific arrival/departure times, please view the team calendar.
    • All athletes are expected to attend and participate in this camp. Your $85 payment has paid for your participation.
10.) July Mini Camp
  • July Mini Camp will be held on July 23-24-25 at Tumwater High School.
    • All athletes are responsible for providing their own transportation to/from mini camp. There is NO BUS provided.
    • For specific arrival/departure times, please view the team calendar.
    • All athletes are expected to attend and participate in this camp. Your $85 payment has paid for your participation.
11.) Weight Room Availability & Construction
  • The Weight Room Workout sessions will take place every Mon-Tue-Wed-Thur from 8:00am - 10:00am at the NTHS Weight Room.
  • Sessions begin the week of June 25, please see the team calendar for more detail
  • All football athletes who are in town are expected to attend. If your family is on vacation, that's perfectly acceptable. However, if you're in town, you should be working out with your teammates.
  • Parents, please encourage your child to carpool, ride a bike, or take public transportation to attend these workouts. We do not want players to sit at home and play video games, so we hope they will explore every transportation option to arrive at the school for workouts.
  • Due to planned construction this summer, all parking for workouts will be done in the Chinook MS parking lot!
12.) Parent's Get Involved
  • Parent Involvement with the program is necessary for your son to have a positive and memorable experience. We desperately need our football families to find ways to become involved and help build our program. There are a number of ways you can get involved, including:
  • Donate Money to NTHS Booster Club Football Account
    • Visit and select "Team Donations" and specify that your donation is going to Football. This is the best way to contribute to our football program and help us purchase necessary items for the team, and provide financial assistance to players. If you have family members, community supporters, or alumni who you are in touch with, please inform them of this convenient option to donate to the Rams.
    • We're going to make a change to our team meals for the 2018 season. The past few seasons, we've held the dinners on Thursday evenings. The boys were able to come together, have a good meal, and we'd present weekly team awards. Without going into too many boring details, the Thursday night meals at the school are not a viable option next year.
    • However, the players consistently rank the team meals as a highlight of their high school football experience, and it is a great opportunity for us to reinforce the values of our football program. We do not want to lose that opportunity, so, we are hoping that some of our parents would be willing to organize Friday Night Pre-Game Meals for the team
    • HOME GAMES: These would consist of a healthy meal for the team to be served from 4:00-4:30pm, inside the commons at NTHS. A typical offering might be spaghetti, salad, wheat bread w/ butter, and water.
      • We want to provide a healthy, correctly portioned, carb/protein appropriate meal for the boys to consume with adequate digestion time before the game
      • Coaches could also use this time to watch film with the players, hand out weekly awards/recognition, cover goals, etc...
      • You'd be shocked how many boys do not eat an appropriate meal before games, and this is a great way to help remedy that while also having that fellowship before going to the gridiron.
      • There would be a maximum of 5-6 of these meals each year, only for home football games and the annual game vs Timberline
    • We are currently looking at a number of options to provide these meals to our team. If you have ideas about how to best accomplish this task, please let me know.
    • AWAY GAMESLead Persons - Carie Harn & Heidi Clark 
      • These bagged meals would be handed to the players as they load the bus before leaving for an away game. 
      • Carie & Heidi will be likely soliciting parent volunteers to help put the meals together, and donate towards the cost of items in the coming months.
  • Gameday Program: Lead Person Needed
  • If you've been to high school games at other high schools in the past, including some of our league opponents, you might have noticed the glossy colorful game programs that they sell at home football games. These programs are great keepsakes for athletes/families. They feature individual photos of athletes, team photos, records, game schedules, history of the football program, and many even have personal advertisements for athletes from their families (think yearbook ads).
  • At North Thurston HS, it would be wonderful to have a program that we could provide each year to our football families and fans. These programs could also feature pages for the other fall sports at NTHS, including Cross Country, Women's Soccer, Women's Volleyball, Men's Tennis, Women's Swim/Dive, and Band/Cheer/Dance teams. 
  • The programs themselves sell advertising space to local businesses, and that is the primary means of fundraising. The programs do sell to the public during home games, but typically this charge only covers the cost of printing the programs. The real money comes in the advertising sales. 
  • The most efficient way to take on this sort of job is via the NTHS Booster Club, as they have the means with which to accept and process the money. It would need to be a couple of our football parents working to secure advertisements, take photographs, organize and layout, print, and handle the legwork. The first year would be the toughest, with the goal being that the program itself becomes more self sufficient each year as advertisers become annual purchasers, and printing/layout becomes more organized. 
  • If you are the kind of person who likes a challenge, and would like to create a beautiful game program that players/families can have to capture their experience as Rams, please let me know. I can put you in touch with some other local high schools who have done similar programs and can offer guidance. 
  • Ram Card Solicitations - Lead Person Carie Harn  
  • We need a couple of parents who are willing to go around to local businesses during the summer months and sign them up to be on our annual ram card. Asst Coach Keith Moffatt handles all of the card production logistics, and he even has a handy form that the business fills out to make the process go smoothly. Many of the businesses are repeat, and thus it's a very simple process of going in, finding the manager, and signing them up again. We just need people who are willing to go around to these places this summer and get them signed up. 
  • If you can help, please let me know. I'll get you connected with Coach Moffatt and he can take it from there. 
  • The Ram Cards are the single biggest fundraiser we do each season. The sales of cards by players typically brings in upwards of $10,000 for our football program, without which we could not function. This fundraiser is the life-blood of the team, so your help is very much appreciated. 
  • End-of-Season Banquet - Lead Person Erin Mann 
  • Erin Mann has taken on the job of organizing the end-of-season banquet over the past few years, and has done an amazing job. Our banquets are amazingly well organized, decorated beautifully, and the food is fantastic. Erin manages to handle all of that, for which I am truly, truly grateful. However, her son, Kai, will be a senior this year, so it's important that Erin have someone who can assist her in the process and then hopefully take over after Erin's family moves on from the Rams. 
  • If you are interested in helping with the Team Banquet, please let me know asap so I can put you in touch with Erin and help facilitate cooperation.
Our coaching staff is really looking forward to the 2018 season with our players and families. I am so grateful to each of your families for allowing myself and the other football coaches to have an impact in your son's life. It is a tremendous responsibility, and I am mindful of the trust that you are putting in us to make your son a better man. Our highest priority is to provide him with an experience that shapes him to be a better student, citizen, and someday a better father and husband. Thank you for supporting us and allowing your son to be a part of this football team. I look forward to seeing you all at the parent meeting in May.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email. 

Go Rams! 

William Garrow
Head Football Coach
North Thurston HS

Spring Meeting 2018